What happens at The JuncYards?

Our mandate is to support and nurture Toronto’s incredible art scene while broadcasting our talent globally. This new space is a social experiment between local artists, curators, and the community at large.

This multi-use space features a curated boutique and compelling programming in a gallery setting. Believing that Toronto doesn’t need just another art gallery, The JuncYards looks to engage new audiences, break down barriers and expand how people experience art and culture.

As a venue, The JuncYards is designed to fill the gap between municipal type cultural centers and the traditional role of a gallery. It is a community hub created to house and host the type of personable, dynamic events and vital conversations that bring people and communities together.

The JuncYards is a Well and Good initiative with many contributors and collaborators at any given time. It is a privately run art centre, created and artistically directed by Steve Ferrara for the community at large.

The JuncYards Logo
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