Greater Than: Decimals Rebuilt Hypuritide


Visiting Decimals:Rebuilt by Mediah aka Evond Blake

Photos & Words: Rachelle Sabourin

Mediah aka Evond Blake has been writing graffiti and painting for almost 20 years, and you can tell by the quality and detail of his work. Decimals:Rebuilt is an incredibly expansive show, a full range of Mediah’s work, and just how talented he is. The concept behind the exhibit is a complex storyline; evaluating the dividing and building of cultures through multiples of 10. Primitive races of technically-enhanced beings float in 3D animation projected on the wall, while their counterparts around the gallery are pieced together visually through layers and levels. Mediah evokes a sense of primitive luxury - a balance of chaos and logic, with an intriguing storyline that weaves together a history beyond our knowledge. As an artist, he knows he can and should work beyond a canvas - he extends beyond the ‘white cube’ of the traditional gallery as he paints past the edges of his works onto the walls creating dimensional murals. Cais Mukhayesh worked with Mediah to curate the gallery, OnlyOneGallery, a hidden gem on Harbord street. The space itself has dimension and complexity, so when mixed with Mediah’s pieces they truly do compose a unique ambience. The support showed by Mukhayesh and Mediah’s friends and family added a great comfort to the exhibit, art is a welcoming experience, and urban artists are those who will not only show you a great time, but great work too.


Saturday night will include an exclusive 3D projection of Mediah’s work, many paintings and framed prints, as well as a live painting session by the artist.  The idea of construction and reconstruction is a consistent thesis throughout this show, so come be rebuilt, and experience the overwhelming personality displayed through Mediah’s characters and their world.


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