Steve Ferrara and Lisa Martin head up Well and Good with a group of dedicated volunteers. These artful enigmas have combined backgrounds in business, psychology, and design as well as a lifetime of professional experience in industries as far-ranging as film, fashion, marketing and teaching. The two were brought together by their shared belief that an organization built on passion for art, collaboration by artists and an initiative to engage the local community could not only thrive, but also reach like-minds universally across the globe. Steve began Well and Good in 2007 with this goal in his sights and when Lisa brought her drive and her zeal for connecting people to the endeavor in 2008.


Well and Good are equal parts creator, manufacturer, producer, distributor and supporter of contemporary art. Particularly art from the margins like graffiti and street art. Their personal and professional work over the years speaks to this as they've created short term art hubs and social experiments like 52 McCaul (November 2009-August 2010), where they’ve curated and produced exhibitions with graffiti and street art at its core, hosted forums and even asked citizens to 'Talk Back' by writing on the walls of their gallery space. Lisa and Steve directed and produced the documentary 'Writing Toronto's (Hi)Story' which debuted at City Hall for the city of Toronto's 175th Anniversary, it introduced 7 of Toronto's most prolific graffiti writers as they look back on how they got to where they are and why graffiti is at the heart of the their careers and lives.  They actively engage in public space advocacy as alliance members on the Beautiful City Alliance and through large scale mural production working with some of the world’s finest aerosol artists. They often sought after by members of the media, in print, film and radio.


Well and Good has gained recognition as Toronto's premiere alternative creative collective specializing in street art. They also provide artist management and development services. They recently released their first book in both digital and print formats called A Face A Name: People Doing Well and Good.


 Artist Management and Development (Career, Product & Project)
 Art Rental                                                                                  

 Financial & Asset Management
 Art Consulting & Corporate Services
 Research, Develop and Acquire Art Collections (Private & Corporate)
 Art Placement and Installation
 Site specific commissions
 Develop Comprehensive Art Programs
 Art reproduction & Licensing
 Public Art Mural Production
 Project Assessment
 Artist Placement
 Project Management
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Artists(Emerging to Established), Arts & Culture Organizations, Advertising & Marketing professionals & firms, Art Patrons & Lovers, Businesses and Corporations, Retail/Hospitality

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With a wide range of artists, designers, creative thinkers and doers we can help you develop and execute any sized project. 


Well and Good

146 Brock Avenue

Studio 302

Toronto, ON


info at wellandgood.ca