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Converse x Elicser: Nuit Blanche 2015

For this year's Nuit Blanche Tenth anniversary, Che Kothari curated over 100 artists around the downtown Toronto core including Well and Good family member Elicser Elliott's project "Tracing The Memories of My Mind".

Birdo strikes again

Local Toronto artist Birdo gives us another amazing crystalline creature. This time a geometric giraffe around Queen and Parliament. Click through for pictures.

Solus Mural

Internationally renowned street artist Solus makes his debut addition to the Toronto street art landscape.

Anser - Crowded Kingdom

Anser's show at Hashtag Gallery opened on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came out. Pictures of opening night inside.

Greater Than: Decimals Rebuilt Hypuritide

Mediah's latest installment of Decimals Rebuilt: Hypuritide
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